5 Essential Christmas Budgeting Tips

Save yourself from the headache of Christmas budgeting this year with SpotMe’s early planning tips.

Things you can start doing anytime of the year to have a more enjoyable holiday.

Amidst all the joy and fun, sometimes our festivity is sort of corrupted by the burden of Christmas preparation – from holiday shopping, tree decoration, to Christmas eve dinner. To help you ease the hassle and headache, here we have compiled a Christmas checklist for you to be financially holiday-ready this year, and in the years to come.

It’s never too early to start
You don’t have to wait until Halloween is over to start saving and budgeting for Christmas. Start as early as possible by creating a separate saving envelope or bank account dedicated for Christmas. All year long, you can use this saving when you find a good deal on items that you think can be a good gift or decoration.

To get extra dollars in your pocket, you can also open up a garage sale or sell your secondhand items on an online marketplace. But remember, the money you gain from this is to go straight to the Christmas saving, so don’t use it for any other reason.

Make a list, obviously
Even Santa makes a list of the people he’s going to gift. Now go ahead and make yours. Include the budget for each person, starting from the least costly ones so it acts as a benchmark of good prices. Then, work your way up the list.

Be social
With the help of the internet and social media, it is quite easy to get information about discounts and promotion once you go online. Follow your favorite brands’ accounts and find their offers there, or subscribe to their newsletter to get offers delivered straight to your inbox. This is the easiest way to find out which places and brands offer the best prices. If you have some spare time, we recommend you go supermarket-hopping to check grocery prices to stock up for Christmas dinner and get-together.

Be personal
While you have to go social when looking for the best deals, we encourage you to opt for personal gifts for your beloved ones. Plants, homemade soap, aromatherapy candles – they don’t cost much yet can mean so much. Read here for more personalized gift ideas.

Share the Christmas dinner duty
Who says you have to do all the cooking by yourself? Invite your family and friends to chip in on dinner by bringing their homemade salad, soup or wine. Working together and discussing the menu plan can bring you closer with your beloved ones. It also helps you ease the hassle and budget. Even if you’re not the host this year, you can pop this idea to your family and friends and start making it a new tradition.

Christmas is said to be the best time of the year, and we agree! So, don’t let planning and budgeting bring you unwanted burden by following these tips. If you have something special planned for this year but are short of money, you can always apply for a short-term loan at SpotMe. And remember, once the holiday is over, start saving for next year!

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