5 Expenses New Homeowners Experience

To make sure your new homeowning experience runs smoothly, check out these expenses that are SpotMe recommended!

New residents, pay attention!

Are you finally living your all-time dream of getting a home? Buying a house is a glorious and major step in everybody’s life, especially when you are a first buyer dipping your toe into real estate. Your first home purchase would be a roller-coaster of emotions. And when overwhelmed with the experience, you are inclined to miss out on expenses you have to deal with after the shift. Worry not, we have listed down five expenses you would have to pay as a new homeowner:

1. Changing your locks
Buying a house may be new to you, but it does not always mean the house you buy is new too. If it isn’t, the previous tenant or ex-landlord might have extra keys that could be used to access your new home. Changing the locks is now a priority as it’s a risk to your safety and privacy. As much as you want to believe that things like this would not happen, trusting a stranger isn’t the best idea. Getting your locks rekeyed would cost you a certain amount and you need to know of it. So prepare a budget for changing the locks to every door in your new home.

2. Repair and replace
If your first house is built from scratch, then it is advised to skip this tip. When you purchase a house, it is normal that you set a budget on some changes to get your home fully set. What you don’t know is that some of these expenses are those you least expect or those that suddenly come haunting your wallet. Imagine finally settling and finding a pipe leak, a broken water heater, or a built-in house heater shutting down out of the blue. It would be helpful to keep aside a budget for repair and replacement cost.

3. Lawn and pool maintenance
Everyone who has a new home would make sure that their lawn is kept neat. If you plan to start a small garden, you would also need different varieties of plants and the best maintenance to keep these little greens fresh and well-maintained. If your new house comes with a swimming pool, there are some costs that would be needed to keep it clean. So, remember to put these expenses in mind when budgeting on your house expenses.

4. Cable, internet and telephone services
Living in the 21st century, having access to different global issues and being able to connect with your surroundings is crucial, which is why your cable, internet, and telephone services are your up-to-date saviors. Your previous service providers could help you move to your new residence but there are some installation fees that would be incurred. Thus, check whether you could negotiate the cost and whether they can provide these services in your new location. If not, make sure you don’t forget to look for a new provider.

5. Window treatments
You might not realize that your old blinds or curtains are outdated and would need some replacements to be done. Your window locks might not even function properly. The shocking part is, purchasing new blinds or even changing your window locks are very costly. Ensure that your windows work properly and that it would not fork out your wallet once you settle in.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring these expenses and make certain they are a part of your purchasing and moving budget. This way you would not suffer from expenses that are out of your expectation as new homeowners.

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