5 Money-Saving Challenges You Can Try

Dare yourself with these fun challenges by SpotMe and watch your savings grow fast.

Fun ways to save money!

Saving money can be quite hard, but the key to success is consistency. Are you trying to save but have been failing? Using a fun method of saving can ease your saving experience. Here are some fun challenges you can try!

1. 52-Weeks Challenge
This challenge is one of the most popular and simplest methods of saving. The challenge would require you to save $1 the first week, and the amount would increase by a dollar every consecutive week. At the end of the challenge, which is the 52nd week, you have to save $52. Altogether through this challenge, you will be able to save $1,378.

Using the same 52 weeks period, you can reverse the amount you save by starting with $52 and ending with $1 or if it is not challenging enough and you are capable of more, you could double the amount you save.

2. The Weekly Challenge
This challenge is slightly tougher than the 52-weeks challenge because it would require you to take out more from your pockets, being so, the simplicity of this saving challenge will not burden you. The goal is to save $28 per week to which you are required to take out $1 on Mondays, $2 on Tuesdays, $3 on Wednesdays, $4 on Thursdays, $5 on Fridays, $6 on Saturdays, $7 on Sundays and this would repeat every week for a year. If you follow the challenge thoroughly and remain consistent you will be able to save $1,456 at the end of the year.

3. Spare Change Challenge
Exactly! You can definitely guess what the goal of the challenge is from its name. In this challenge, no matter how much pennies you end up having in a day, try your best to put it in your penny bank. To start off with the challenge, you need to prepare a piggy bank or a mason jar. The most important rule of the challenge is to be committed that you would not even once count how much money you have saved, as this would result in you getting tempted to use the money.

4. The Bad Habit Challenge
Everyone has a bad habit they are trying to tackle or get rid of, there are two outcomes from this challenge which could benefit you, which are saving and unconsciously eliminating your bad habits. The bad habit challenge entails you to penalize your bad habits like swearing, biting your nails or even smoking, with money that would be saved in your piggy bank.

5. The Weather Challenge
Compared to the other challenges, this challenge could be considered the toughest but can help you save more in a shorter period of time. In this challenge, the weather plays part in deciding the amount of money you should be saving on a daily basis. All you have to do is check the weather every day and look for the highest temperature of the day that determines the amount you are entailed to save.

When you decide to save, make sure you are ready to fight against the hardship of choosing to either spending or saving. Stick to the rules and challenges you have dedicated to start with and remember you would be the one benefiting at the end of the challenge. Imagine having all that money saved to travel, buy yourself something nice, or even get a new gadget! Start your Money-Saving Challenges now.

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