A Guidance to Travel Insurance

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Different people travel for different purposes, some travel as a hobby, some for business meetings, some for educational purposes, and some to spend their leisure time with family and friends. Are you looking to apply for travel insurance and confused about where to begin? Here are some guidelines to travel insurance that you must know!

Types of Travel Insurance
There are generally two types of insurance packages that you should know and could pick, Vacation Plan and Travel Medical Plan. Vacation Plan has a bigger coverage, it protects your planned trip and covers for baggage lost, last-minute cancellation, delays, an interrupted trip, medical emergencies and emergency evacuations.

If you are confident that you won’t be cancelling and you are temporarily moving from your home country, Travel Medical Plan could be effective and helpful. It will help you cover your medical expenses when you are in a different country, as your health insurance do not cover medical expenses outside your home country.

What does travel insurance cover?
Travel insurances secure different matters that could help you when you need it the most. It covers things that you least expect which includes;

– Last-minute cancellation
Imagine having to cancel a full planned trip due to an emergency and seeing your money disappear to thin air, this is where travel insurances come in handy. Trip Cancellation Coverage helps patch up the losses you would have lost, as it covers all pre-paid and non-refundable expenses of a planned trip.

– Losing your precious things
Some things are not under our control, such as losing a piece of luggage, having your baggage stolen, or airport authorities damaging something inside your bag or even the entire bag. Here, Baggage Coverage inside a travel insurance plan could come to rescue.

– In case you fall sick
When you travel to a different country, certain things like the weather, food or drinks, virus, and even tripping over a rock could be dangerous. Travelling to a foreign country or place could be risky if our immune system can’t handle the changes. Medical Expense Coverage can help you in case you fall ill.

– Most extreme: a plane crash
Plane crashes rarely happen but it is one of the many reasons people buy an insurance plan. Although your life matters the most, getting compensated in the event of an accident could help your family in the long run. Travel Insurance policy could help compensate you if you get hurt in-flight as well.

Now that you know the different travel insurance plans and what they cover, you can list down what circumstances should be covered during the trip and then select an insurance plan. Read on ways you can budget your travelling plans and register for a short-term loan with SpotMe to assist your travel plans.

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