House VS Apartment: Which One Suits You Best?

Ask yourself these 6 questions from SpotMe when you’re considering between house and apartment.

6 questions to help you decide between living in a house or in apartment.

Choosing between living in a house or in an apartment may give a headache to some people because it’s a huge decision. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before buying a place to live. And you need to decide carefully so that there won’t be any regrets later. Here we give you a list of questions that may help you decide.

1. How much can I afford to buy a place?
Buying a house or an apartment unit really depends on your financial condition. It will determine which property you can afford. Generally, the price of a house is more expensive than an apartment unit. Based on the research conducted by Domain House in December 2018, house prices in Sydney are around $1,062,619, while the apartment prices around $702,012. The price difference is due to several factors which we will discuss further.

2. Is there enough room for my family?
The number of your family members has a great influence on your choice of residence. This is due to the size difference between a house and an apartment. Usually, a house is bigger than an apartment. If you just got married, you can consider living in an apartment, but if you already have a big family, it would be better to choose a house. But remember that the bigger the residence is, the greater the capacity is, the higher the price is.

3. Is this place safe from burglaries?
Nowadays, there are many burglaries happening, especially in empty houses. Living with the feeling of safety is a must so that you can sleep well and travel without worrying that the house will get robbed. If you live in an apartment, the apartment manager provides security guards to secure the entire apartment building. If you live at home, you need to check if the neighborhood provides security guards. If they don’t, then you need to install your own security system.

4. How much do I need to pay every month for utility and maintenance costs?
Spacious rooms are indeed more comfortable. However, it will lead to high expenses because there are lots of rooms that must be installed with lights, air conditioners, and heater, so the monthly utility cost of a house can be higher than an apartment. In addition, the spacious rooms take a lot of time and energy to clean. And if you use a maid service, the cost of cleaning a house will be much, much more expensive than an apartment.

For the maintenance fee, you will get monthly billings whether you live in a house or an apartment. If you live in the apartment, you must pay an additional fee for building maintenance, cleaning service, and security. If you live in a house, you need to pay residential garbage and recycling service, and even pay for the security guards if there’s any.

5. Can I enjoy my own privacy?
There is a saying that “sometimes we just need our privacy”. When you stay at home, your privacy is guaranteed. It’s because the distance between one house to another is quite far or the walls between two houses are thick. As for apartments, you have neighbors who are very close to your unit. If you throw a party or set music loudly, your neighbors will most likely get disturbed.

Moreover, living in a house can give you your own back and front yards and you are free to do activities there. Apartment, on the other hand, also have a garden and even a swimming pool, but you need to share the space with other residents.

6. Can I decorate my rooms?
When you have your own home, you are free to do various renovations, such as changing the color of the walls and adding more rooms. This situation is very different if you live in an apartment. You must ask to the apartment manager’s permission if you want to make a change in your unit.

Have you chosen between living in a house or in an apartment? If you haven’t, compare the two options carefully and choose the one that fits your budget and suits your needs. You can have a shortcut to get your dream house or apartment too by applying for a short-term loan at SpotMe. Apply today and go get your own residence!

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