How to avoid over baggage when you fly

Here are some tips to make your travelling easier

The first traveler sometimes don’t know what to bring on their first flight, so they bring many things that redundancy in the bag. Whereas, if your bag weighs more than the limit, you should pay more the overweight charges. So, to avoid over baggage on your first abroad let’s take note of these tips!

What you don’t need to pack

1. Dangerous Surprises

Always check your bag before you start tossing clothes into the bag. Don’t forget what’s in your bag! And that goes for real pistols and realistic fakes like paperweight hand grenades and toy guns. If you are caught with any of these items, the time you spend explaining can make your miss your flight. Plus, if the offense is serious enough, you could be arrested and fined up.

2. No Need to Bring Many Shoes

If you are not a celeb or celebgram, you don’t need to bring so many shoes in your luggage. Pack your lightest shoes and wear your heavier ones on the plane. If you’re traveling for a formal occasion like a wedding, you might have to add another pair, but the point is, less is more.

3. Meaningful stuff

Leave a meaningful piece of jewelry at home. When we travel, things could be misplaced, lost, and sometimes stolen, but that will not happen if the item still at home.

4. Technology makes it easier

On your smartphone, you can get one-stop entertainment, information and anything else that you need. So, you don’t need to bring a map, flashlight or books to spend time.

What you need to pack

1. Electronic device accessories

The accessories that you should bring such as charger cords, a portable charger, earbuds, headphones, power bank, or anything else that support your smartphone. You can put them on a clutch or plastic clip to keep them neat.

2. Helpful photos

Take a picture of your bag, so, if your bag goes missing, you can describe or show it. Besides that, you can take a picture of your driver’s license, passport, plane/train tickets, prescriptions of medical.

3. Important medical

No need to bring so much, but make sure it is enough to bring for your whole holidays.

4. Snacks

You may get nothing on the plane, and you may not like what they have for sale, so bring something from home. Such as, when you waiting for a flight or on a plane you can eat a standard sandwich or a few energy bars.

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