How to Save Money on School Holiday

A list of free and low-cost activities to have fun with your kids.

Kids rushing out, rucksacks left at the doorway, books thrown on the floor. School is out, it’s time for family fun!

But wait, family fun can be really costly sometimes. If you already went abroad or visited a theme park last holiday, why don’t you turn this one into a budget holiday with these free and low-budget, yet uber fun ideas?

But first, learn how to budget
Time to teach your kids some money responsibility. Open a discussion in the living room on how much allowance they get for the whole holiday, how much they can spend on activities, how much on ice cream and snacks every other day, how much you suggest them to save, and other categories you feel necessary.

Beyond teaching responsibility, budgeting also gives your kids a sense of belonging to their pocket money, so they learn how to spend it carefully. Do check out SpotMe’s article on money concepts to teach your kids here.

Then, choose the activities
You will be surprised at how many free activities you can create at the comfort of your home. Here are some ideas:

First off, try dressing up with your kids. Let them rummage through your closet and be creative with your clothes. Throw a runway show down the hallway and continue with a movie night. The fashion show winner can be rewarded with the privilege of choosing which movie to watch.

When the weather is nice outside, bring your kids along to the nearest farmer’s market and go seed shopping, followed by a gardening time in the backyard. Make a small vegetable patch and let them play with the soil and dirt, while learning how to plant. You can even upgrade the gardening session by burying some gifts in the patch beforehand, and turn it into a treasure hunt game!

To satisfy the sweet-tooth, spare some time in the afternoon, dig up your old recipe books and bake cookies or make homemade ice cream with your kiddos. Then, bring your creation in a basket for a nice picnic in the park or beach. Don’t forget to bring your furry pet too for extra fun.

Other than going on a picnic, there are other great activities you can do around the city – read books at the library, visit the museums, get artsy in a local art class, or even go fishing. Not only are they fun, but also budget friendly.

In this digital era, kids are often stuck with gadgets and video games for entertainment. Give this holiday a chance for them to go out and about, explore the nature and enjoy new experiences that they will reminisce with a smile when they grow up. Or, if you already made a plan to go on a vacation, check out these tips on budget traveling by SpotMe and keep your finance intact even on a school holiday.

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