How to Turn Your Hobby into Cash

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Using your hobbies to earn money

If you’re stuck in your weekly 9-5 job and see the bills mounting, you could start looking for other ways to supplement your income. It doesn’t mean you have to work two jobs and burn both ends of a candle. It could be as simple as turning your hobby into a business application. If you’re still not sure whether your hobby will earn you a few extra bucks, try starting small. Don’t invest in too many products, gadgets or devices for your business, until you start seeing some money coming in. If you start experiencing success, you can always scale up.


If you’re fascinated with photographs and if you have a flair for taking good pictures, use a DSLR camera to capture moments and upload them to stock photo sites like Shutterstock, PhotoDune, Alamy or Dreamstime, among others. Some of these sites will pay you a certain percentage for every image downloaded, while others will give you higher earnings per image if your images are being heavily downloaded. All images are checked for quality so make sure you work with a photo retouching software to upload stellar photos.


By tutoring, we don’t only mean academic tutoring, although that also pays you quite well. You could teach cookery, scuba diving, knitting, kayaking, horse riding, swimming or anything that you’re an expert at. Don’t forget music lessons. You could charge anywhere from $20-$40 an hour, depending on your skill and whether you’re conducting classes at your place or at the student’s residence.

Using Talents

It’s not quite as easy to find a carpenter, an upholsterer, or a seamstress for bridal gowns these days. With today’s age of mass produced goods, unique bridal gowns or custom designed cabinets are rare and come at a premium price. If you have the talent, use it to accumulate wealth and lead a comfortable lifestyle. You could even upload pictures of your handmade goods or products to online marketplaces like Etsy, Shophandmade or Shoply to target a wider audience. So whether you’re hand-making a ceramic pot, a delicate piece of jewellery, a carved wardrobe, or aromatherapy soaps, put your talent to use and see the dollar bills come in.

Working Online

There are many other things you can pursue online. Copywriting, online surveys, graphic designing and video editing are a few options you can pursue. YouTube’s popularity has created a big demand for online videos. So if you’re good at creating your own home videos that inspire and teach others, you could earn a lot of money from advertising revenue.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a few things you’d need to turn a hobby into a business, look for a short term loan to get started. Fast cash loans give you the opportunity to borrow anything from $100 to $5,000. You don’t need to submit a lot of paperwork and the cash could be transferred to your account within an hour of approval. SpotMe Finance offers access to instant personal loans through its gateway to all major short term lenders in Australia. They’re licensed and ensure you will only be matched to responsible payday lenders only, making sure the loan is right for you. Repayments towards small personal loans are broken down into smaller, manageable amounts and usually timed to coincide with your payday.

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