Money Tips for Charity Donation

Ask these 5 questions from SpotMe to make sure your donation goes to those in need and not to irresponsible parties.

5 questions to ask before you start donating for a cause.

Putting your money to a good cause is heart-warming and rewarding. You’re doing something for a better world, isn’t that something? And donating has never been easier today, with the help of the internet. There are many fundraisings and crowdfunding you can find online. But, with thousands of charity projects looking for your donation, how do you know which one to donate to?

How to donate
There are many ways to donate. You can give food or money to a homeless person on the way to work, donate clothes that your kid has grown out of to an orphanage, raise a fund for natural disasters, join a crowdfunding, and many more. These are all quite easy to maintain because you’re in control of the donation, except for crowdfunding – where you join someone else’s fundraising project.

Make sure you know what the crowdfunding project is for and what causes it supports. You would want to join one with a cause that interests you and meets your principles, so that you can donate with sincere and without feeling burdened.

How to be careful when donating
Joining a crowdfunding project or donating through a company or an organization, you need to make sure they’re not scammers so that your donations can really go to those in need. Here are five questions to ask before committing to a charity donation.

1. What is the donation for?
Is it for stray animals, homeless people, an aspiring artist? Make sure the project is transparent and mentions all the details you need, such as how much is needed, when the due date is and the address of the receivers of the donation.

2. What organization manages it?
Be it from an organization or personal act, it’s important to know who the people behind the donation are. If you’ve never heard of their names, a little research wouldn’t hurt. Find their website, social media accounts, phone number, address, and any other information about them. You can also contact them directly to make sure about their credibility, or check if they are registered in Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. But keep in mind that not all projects are registered.

3. What if they don’t reach their target amount?
When a company or organization doesn’t reach their donation target, most will refund your money. Ask them about it before chipping in their crowdfunding project.

4. Do they require credit cards?
Even if the cause seems very good and seem to meet your principles, never give out your credit card details if you don’t completely trust the project organizer.

5. What if you got scammed?
In case you have donated to what seems like a shady crowdfunding or other donation projects, you can always file a report to Australian Taxation Office.

Charity donation is a way for you to give back to society. Since there are many scammers out there now, you should always be careful so that your good intention is not taken advantage of by those irresponsible parties.

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