Non-Financial Goals That Help You Save Money

3 simple things to do that lead you to earning extra money.

Some people believe that saving money can be done by making financial goals, such as investing. But, did you know that our non-financial goals can also help us save money and even gain extra money? Here are some examples of non-financial goals that you can add to your to-do list.

1. Learn new hobbies and new skills
Doing a hobby is a way to release stress from the workload. But, did you know that your hobby can make good money in the long run? For example, writing on blog is a hobby that is easy to do in your free time. You can write anything that you’re interested in. After a while, your blog can be seen by everyone through the internet. Then, where does the money come from? It will come to you after you put an advertisement on your blog. But, to go to the further step, you need to learn new skills in writing and ads. Learning these skills may take some time, but it will be worth it.

Doing other activities as a hobby also works. If you like doing sport, just keep practicing. Therefore, you will be good enough to join some competitions and win prizes that you can save.

Another hobby that you can try is collecting rare items like valuable art. You can buy arts that fit into your budget and keep it. Someday, you can sell it at higher price. But, remember that you need to choose the right arts that will have a high value for a long time.

2. Make new friends
Expanding social life will broaden your connection. For starting up, you can join a community club. Someday in the future, the people whom you have met will come around and they might give you new opportunities. For instance, if they want to make an event, they may contact you to take part in that event. You will gain new experience and also an extra income. It is like what people say: new friends mean new opportunities.

3. Growing plants, why not?
Have you ever dreamt about making salads from your backyard-vegetables? Vegetables that you have grown by yourself are healthier than the vegetables in the markets because you can avoid pesticide usage. Vegetables are not the only thing you can grow, you can also plant some delicious fruits in your garden. Eating your own vegetables and fruits will reduce your monthly expense, because you don’t have to buy them in the market anymore. In addition, you can sell your own vegetables and fruits at a good price.

Whatever goal you choose, it has to be useful for your self-development. The extra money that you will gain from your non-financial goal is only a bonus. Did you already choose a new hobby? What is your hobby right now?

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