Online Shopping: How to Stay Safe and More Secure

6 things to do before using your gadget to shop on the internet. Learn more at SpotMe.

Do these things before using your gadget to shop via the internet.

Online shopping can be done easily without having to drive to a store. You just need a gadget and internet access and, voila! Your wish list items are on the way to you. But behind its convenience, there are things you need to do to make the transaction run smoothly and safely. Here are the things you should do before shopping via the internet.

Shop in trusted platforms
When shopping in an online store, you are very vulnerable to various frauds. There are several ways to minimize the possibility of frauds. The easiest thing to do is to take a look at the website URL, whether it uses “https” or “http”. If the URL begins with “https”, it means all communications between your browser and the website are secured. In other words, websites that only use “http” are not safe.

Other than that, you can search for reviews about the best online shopping platforms. By doing that, you can tell which platforms are trusted. If there is a suspicious platform offering a big discount, you must double check their credibility before buying from them.

Avoid shady websites
These days, many people receive unconvincing messages that direct people to certain websites by clicking on a link. The link may look similar to a trusted website, but turns out it’s not the same. That website may contain a scam, or worse, it can even steal your personal information. You can avoid this kind of scam by typing in the website address that you will visit directly.

Use a private connection
Using public Wi-Fi connection when making a payment is not a good idea because you are prone to data theft. Although many cafés and other public places offer free Wi-Fi, you’d better use a private connection to avoid any theft.

Pay with credit card or PayPal
Purchasing goods online is safer if you use a payment instrument that isn’t directly connected to your bank account, such as credit card and PayPal account. When you use a credit card for online payment, don’t forget to check the payment page if it’s verified by your provider. For example, if you use a VISA credit card, you should do a transaction only when the payment page is verified by VISA. It can be checked by finding the verification logo.

Bonus tips, check your billings regularly to make sure there are no suspicious transactions. In case you find anything suspicious, you can report it to your credit card issuer so they can track down to the root of the transaction.

Create a strong password
Password is the most crucial part of online shopping. Make sure your password is the strong one that combines alphabets, capitalized alphabets, numbers, and even symbols. Keep in mind that using your birth date as password should be averted because it’s very easy to guess.

Keep your software updated
The more updated a software is, the more secure it is. Upgrading your gadget software and shopping application will help secure your data and payment. For double protection, you can install an anti-virus program on your gadget to prevent malware attack.

Online shopping is indeed easy to do, but don’t let it catch you off guard. You can avoid any loss and internet scam by protecting your data and payment carefully. So, don’t worry and happy shopping!

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