Shopping Tips to Save You Money This Holiday Season

How to enjoy the holiday season without damaging your bank account. Learn more at SpotMe.

How to enjoy the holiday season without damaging your bank account.

Yes, holiday is just around the corner and hundreds of stores – both retail and online – are ready to tempt you with these big, inviting words: ON SALE.

If you’re not careful, this could turn into a season that drained your bank account. Don’t despair, you are about to learn some handy shopping tips to save you money this holiday season, without losing the joy and merriment.

List down who’s naughty and nice
Make a list of beloved and important people, estimated gifts for them and budget. This way, you avoid spending too much for too many people you aren’t close with. Remember that you are not obliged to gift every single person you’ve ever shaken hands with, because even Santa makes a list every year, right? So, stop buying for everyone.

Don’t fall for sales
The words “On Sale” always turns on our animal instincts. Thoughts like – “If I don’t buy it now, the price will go up” or “If I don’t buy it now, it will be sold out soon”- haunt us persistently. But think again, do you really need it? Check your list to see if these items on sale are gift-worthy and on budget.

The less, the more meaningful
Between a bunch of crappy gifts and one meaningful, useful gift, which one do you prefer? We bet most of you prefer the latter. Take some time to figure out gifts that are personal and relate to the receivers – what they like, what they need, their hobbies, and others. That way, you make sure your gifts are appreciated and won’t be tossed away into the basement.

Search online
Strolling through the streets or shopping malls to check out every single store is like a part of the holiday shopping tradition. But why not try replacing one hour or two of retail shopping with online? Some stores may put their best price on their e-commerce sites or online marketplaces to drive their online sales. So, take time to check out your favorite brands’ sites and marketplaces before stepping out of your house.

Know when to say no
So, you’re invited to a bunch of Christmas parties? Cool! And you’re going to go to each one? Consider it again. Going to a Christmas party means you’re going to have to bring a few gifts, at least for the hosts. Let’s go back to your naughty and nice list and see if the party hosts’ names are written there before saying yes to an invitation.

Post-holiday sales
This one is for next year. Wait until the holiday festivity is over and see all the stores cutting down their prices. Buy your gifts and decorations then, and you will save so much next Christmas!

When all is said and done, holiday shopping is a great form of entertainment at the end of a busy year. Let yourself enjoy the merriment, but be wise enough not to let your bank account go down to zero. You can always apply for short term cash advances to keep your savings undamaged. Click here to get instant cash loans to aid your holiday shopping!

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