Things to Do When Frugal Fatigue Attacks

Getting tired of frugal living is not a sin. Read this guide by SpotMe to help you get rid of frugal fatigue.

5 activities to reduce your tiredness of frugal living

Have you ever felt sick of saving money and frugal life? If you have, then you’ve had frugal fatigue.

When frugal fatigue strikes, you suddenly just want to spend your money – for shopping, travelling, eating fancy meals, and other things you don’t really need at the moment – as long as you feel happy and can overcome your tiredness. But more often than not, you will end up using up all your savings. Not only will this leave your bank account empty, but also leave you feeling much more exhausted.

We’re sure you don’t want that. So, keep reading to read our suggestions about activities you can do to lift the frugal-life-burden off your shoulders without going broke.

1. Take a rest for a while
When you feel exhausted of pinching every penny, you must take a break from your frugal routines. Take a look how far you’ve been through and give yourself a pat in the back. Treat yourself with something that’s not too expensive but gives you contentment, such as buying yourself a delicious meal.

If you want to travel for a short time and on a tight budget, you can visit your parents back home or visit a colleague’s house. The purpose of this trip is not to splurge your money, but to take fresh air and find a new atmosphere to refresh your mind.

2. Remember why you started
You chose frugal life to make your dreams come true. These dreams can vary from paying your debts, getting married, having kids, to retirement savings. Whatever your dreams or financial goals are, put them on top of your mind to keep you motivated. Rewrite your goals on a pretty piece of paper and tape it on your bedroom wall so you’re reminded of them every time you wake up and go to sleep. After all, this frugal life is a route you chose to achieve your dream future, isn’t it?

3. Evaluate your goals
After reminding yourself about why you need to save money but you still feel your goals are impossible to achieve, maybe it’s the time to reassess your goals. At some point, your goals can turn out to be irrelevant due to many reasons, so you need to make some adjustments. By doing this, your goals will be more achievable and your enthusiasm for living a frugal life will come back again.

4. Quit social media
Scrolling through social media is fun, you can get entertainment and information, but you need to be aware of some content if you are on saving burnout mode. For example, your Instagram following may share their extravagant holiday photos and when you look at it, your longing for a fancy vacation will become overwhelming. Thus, to prevent your frugal fatigue from getting worse, you’d better log out of your social media accounts.

5. Do something new
Doing something different from your daily activities will make you forget about your frugal fatigue. You can do lots of fun activities without draining your wallets, such as jogging, gardening, trying a new recipe, reorganizing your room, reading a free e-book, and many more. Not only will these activities diminish your fatigue, but also relax your mind. When your mind is at ease, inspirations come more easily and you can make better plans to accomplish your financial goals.

Frugal fatigue can happen to anyone and at any time. If it happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. Stretch and take a breath, so you can continue your frugal living without feeling extremely exhausted.

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