Tips and Tricks on Becoming a Smart Shopper

4 simple, smart things to do before you start shopping.

In the past, shopping was just an activity to fulfill the household needs, but today people tend to make shopping as a hobby. This may lead people to consumptive behavior and shopping habit that goes out of control. If you want to avoid it, you should start being a smart shopper by following these tips and tricks.

1. Make a priority list
When the payday comes, the urge to shop is immense. But, you have to control yourself by budgeting your money and making a priority list. The basic needs, such as food, groceries, body care, and home care must be put on top of the list. Then, the secondary needs, such as new clothes and shoes, can be put on the list only if there is still money left.

Sometimes, you will find it hard to tell which items you need and which items you want. Try to figure it out by elaborating the reasons why you must buy it. For instance, when you want to buy new clothes, take a look at your wardrobe. If there are still lots of nice clothes, then you don’t need to buy new clothes immediately.

2. Discount! Discount! Discount!
Searching for the best deal may help you save more. Find a store that gives you the biggest discount or cashback. If you buy items at online, don’t forget to use a promo code to get discount or free delivery services. But, you need to be careful of the discounted product, because sometimes the seller gives a discount to products that haven’t been sold for a long time. Checking the expiration dates and the freshness of the product is necessary, especially when you buy discounted vegetables, fruits and meats. And when you buy discounted clothes, you need to check for stains and pierced parts.

Bonus tips, if you really want to buy something at a lower price, wait until certain times, like Christmas or other holidays when many stores give special discounts. You can also get cheaper stuff if you buy last season items.

3. Compare the price
Comparing the product’s price in several stores will help you save money, especially when there are no discounts. Buy the things you need at a cheaper price even if you have to mix between online and in-store shopping. You can check the price lists from the catalogs and websites.

In addition, you can compare various brands for the same product. Sometimes, there are brands that sell the product at a higher price with the same standard, so check carefully.

4. Split the bill
Buying more than one product can be cheaper sometimes. When you buy a product in bulk, you can save the unused product for later. But, if you want to buy food in a large number or when you just want to try a new product, you can ask your friend to buy it with you, then you can split the bill and share the product. This will give you the things you want at a cheaper price.

Always remember that uncontrolled shopping habit is a waste of money. Use your money wisely and happy smart-shopping!

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