Tips to Choose the Best Car Insurance for You

What to consider when choosing the right insurance policy for your car, briefly covered by SpotMe.

5 tips in choosing the right insurance policy.

Are you buying your first car and confused about ways to compare insurance packages to be more efficient? Or are you not satisfied with your current insurance plan? People tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right insurance policy without considering the possibility of saving more. If you are trying to cut down your monthly expenses, here are some tips to consider.

1. Don’t get tricked by your car dealers
When purchasing your new wheels, car dealers would offer you an insurance plan that acts as add-ons and are usually not in your best interest. Car dealers are usually offered up to 70% commission if they are able to sell insurance plans to their customers. As commission levels are high, these insurance packages offered may not always be favourable. Therefore, it is important to check the value of these policies.

2. Compare insurers to be assured
Take some time to research on different company’s background and past performance. Learning about the company’s reputability would give you a clear idea on how the company works, usually if you make your research online you are able to see reviews and ratings, how long the company processes claims and see the amount of complaints they have received till date. After doing so, you are able to compare and pick the best car insurer that would provide you with the right insurance policy.

3. Modifying your deductibles
Increasing your deductibles will help decrease your premium. If you are confident about your driving skills and currently have a good driving record, paying a higher deductible would be advisable. Although in the event of an accident you will have to pay more, you will be able to save more through your premium at the end.

4. Keep an eye for the discounts
Some insurance companies offer discounts for policy buyers that are at lower risk, have a good driving record and are taking a driver’s training course. Are you one of the above? Ask your insurer about the discounts you deserve. To cut down cost, you may also consider installing your car with anti-theft and some safety equipment.

5. Adjusting your payment options
When your insurance bills are issued, discover whether they come with different payment options. Weigh in your options, which of these options would help you cut down your cost. It is advisable to pay longer periods compared to paying on a monthly basis, as it would help you save more on your premium.

These tips would help you protect your savings from going down the drain from picking the wrong insurance plan or not knowing how to reduce your insurance cost. One last tip you should keep in mind, drive safe!

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