Why Working Mums Are More Productive

A study by the research division in the Federal Bank of St. Louis has found that working mums who have two children are more productive than other female workers who have no children or are single.

Let’s face it. Many employers think that once a woman becomes a working mum, she is going to be less dedicated and hardworking than before she gave birth. They rarely say this in public but it is a stereotype that still remains. But the facts and research are painting an entirely different picture.

If you are not convinced that working mums are more productive, here are 7 reasons that will change your mind. Working mums need our respect, support, and praise more than ever.

Working mums are great multitaskers

Multitasking may not always be a good thing when you have to concentrate. It can slow you down and switching from one task to another fast is not exactly efficient. But it is extremely useful when you want to cut a few corners and especially when you are using different channels. Working mums do that all the time at home and they can adapt it also to when they are at work. They can reflect on feedback while waiting on hold or moving from one office to another. The physical tasks are almost automatic, but the mental processes can be highly efficient. They do the same at home as they do laundry and ironing while they plan meals, shopping and outings with their kids.

They are better at managing time

In other words, working mums do not waste any precious moments. How could they? They are simply better at time management. An Ernst and Young study found that this was true because women working part time wasted only 11% of their time compared to 14.5% for the rest of the workforce.

They are more empathetic

Being a mother brings out all the empathy and nurturing needed in human relationships and that is so useful at work. Networking, collaborating and being in a team all demand these qualities and working mothers have them in abundance.

They are happier and more fulfilled

According to the American Psychological Association, working mums are generally happier than stay-at-home mums. Working mums feel more satisfied with their personal lives because they have more independence, can follow their interests and passions and have a greater sense of purpose. Their careers and their families can benefit enormously from this.

They are efficient

Working mums realize that running a household means streamlining routines and schedules at home and not worrying about a perfect household where everything runs so well. However, they will be able to use their home experience to make the workplace run more smoothly. This will also benefit their home life, making both more efficient.

They never have hangovers

Younger and single staff may actually take more sick leave due to late nights and hangovers. This is why many employers now hire working mums – not only are they more productive, they rarely have hangovers.

They make better team players

Because mums are good at managing time, good at motivating people, and more efficient while working, they make better team players.

Microsoft research found, when they interviewed 2,000 women and 500 employers about working mums, that they make better team players. When they were asked whether the working mums made better team players, 57% said that the mothers were definitely better than single or childless women.  So let’s conquer the workplace, mums! This article is brought to you by SpotMeNow. We provide fast and easy-approval loans for up to $5,000 in under a day!

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