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Fast cash online from SpotMeNow is able to help you get cash into your bank account very quickly.

The main idea here is to give you quick access to a small amount of money that you can repay over a long term.
These loans are perfect for any sudden emergency or expense, that may affect your day to day life (such a needing new tyre for your car or paying for an emergency dental procedure). No matter what you need it for, you can count on SpotMeNow to supply you with reliable short-term finance.

Fastest Cash Loans in Australia

SpotMeNow provides the fastest cash loans in Australia. Once everything is approved, your loan will be transferred straight into your bank account within 60 minutes (during normal banking hours).
Sometimes it may take a little longer, depending on who you choose to bank with. If you bank with CommBank, you will see your money in minutes (during normal business hours).

How To Get A Fast Loan Today With SpotMeNow

At SpotMeNow, we provide one of the cheapest and most flexible options when you want to get a personal loan fast. We have endeavoured to make the process as quick and fair as possible so that you can get the funds you need with a repayment arrangement that suits your circumstances and leaves you without regret.

Our process is as follows:

1. Register your SpotMeNow account

Getting started is easy – all you need to do is sign up with an account on SpotMeNow like you would with any other website. Once you are a registered member, you will be able to apply to get cash with fast loan options that we provide.

2. Select your loan

To start the process of acquiring your fast approval loan from SpotMeNow, simply read and agree to the pop-up disclaimer (that confirms things like whether you are an Australian resident over 18) and then use the slider to select the amount you want to borrow (between $1000 and $5000 AUD).

As you adjust the slider, the fast approval loan repayment period will change with it. You will also be prompted to select what frequency you get your pay from work, and on what day the money comes into your account.

This will then provide you with an estimate of when your first repayment will be due, how much it will cost, and what the total repayment will end up being. This includes the establishment fee and the monthly fee.
If you choose to pay the entire sum early, we will waive the monthly fee. If you want to do this, get in contact with us before your next repayment is due to avoid the monthly fee for that month.

3. Receive your fast loan money in your bank account

It’s as simple as that! Once you apply, we will give you fast approval for your loan if we choose to sign off on it. There are very few circumstances in which we would deny your request, and this would only be done to protect you from an arrangement we don’t think you will be able to manage.

However, even if you have a ‘bad’ credit score, we are still very forgiving with our decision process. Using our advanced risk-assessment algorithm, we can provide you with a personal loan fast so that you can use the money straight away for whatever you need it for.

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for a fast loan online?

We have made it our mission to make it easy for almost anyone to get fast cash online through SpotMeNow.
To be eligible to apply, you need to be:


You must be over the age of 18 (you must be an adult to decide to apply for an instant cash loan online).

australian resident

You must be an Australian resident.

regular income

You must be able to prove you receive a regular income (pay summary) so that we are confident you can make repayments.

We don’t seek to give fast loans of money to people who can’t pay them back. We are a responsible lender and only provide cash with fast loans to people who know they can comfortably make repayments.

Choose SpotMeNow for a fast loan today!

There are a lot of different reasons why SpotMeNow is your best choice when you want to get a fast loan today. No matter who you are, as long as you meet our criteria, we are happy to provide you with a fast approval loan when you need to pay for something quickly.

The following will list a few of the top reasons we are the best choice when you’re looking for fast cash online:

Quick risk-assessment

    At SpotMeNow, we have a highly-developed system that allows you to select a fast loan for money amounts ranging from $1000 to $5000 AUD. No matter what the need is, we can supply you wish cash fast with loans that we are able to examine, validate, and agree upon almost instantly due to our risk-assessment technology.

    This risk-assessment technology is our key to success, as it allows us to determine the suitability of your personal loan fast. This means we can process decisions as quickly as possible without compromising on our ethics as a lender.

    If you are a financially responsible adult who makes an informed decision to borrow from us, then you should get fast approval of your loan. We have many flexible options for repayment plans that allow you to go from 6 up to 30 months.

    If you happen to forget where you are up to in your repayments, it’s easy to see your status by logging into your account. Your SpotMeNow member dashboard will show you at a glance where you are up to in terms of repayments.

    When you apply for fast cash online with SpotMeNow, you always remain informed and have a transparent view of where you are with your plan.

No hidden fees

    All of our fast approval loans have an interest rate (normally between 2.99% to 3.75%) and an establishment fee – but there are no early exit costs. We are totally transparent when it comes to the nature of your repayment plan and what the total cost our cash fast loans.

    At SpotMeNow, we only seek to lend to customers who we are confident can make a responsible choice regarding our finance options. Our service is designed for customers who want fast loans today without any guilt.

No refinancing

    One of our principle rules is that we do not engage in any kind of refinancing with our customers. If you didn’t know, refinancing is when someone replaces their debt with another debt that is signed under different terms.

    This is the kind of circumstance that results in people entering into debt cycles, wherein they cannot pay their bills without accumulating more and more debt. We want to do our best to fight against these kinds of situations, and therefore we perform extensive credit checks on our clients before we provide them with any kind of fast cash online or otherwise.

    If we do not think you will be able to repay the sum without hardship, then we will not process the application. We do this to protect our customers, no matter who they are.

The payment timeline can be altered

    One of the reasons we are popular as a lender is that we provide flexible arrangements for our customers to amend their repayment obligations. We give our customers the ability to alter their repayment timeline when they have been awarded a fast loan of money for any amount. We can help you further by allowing you to break down repayments into smaller amounts that may be more manageable for you as your circumstances change.

The process is easy to understand

    We have worked hard to make sure that our process is as simple and stress-free as possible. We don’t seek to make things needlessly technical or complex. We know you want to apply for a fast loan online – and this is what we seek to provide you with. We communicate all of our information in plain English and maintain total transparency about every element of our service as a lender.

    Clarity is so important when you want to apply for a personal loan fast.

Get the funds in your bank account as soon as possible

    Another one of the benefits of getting cash with a fast loan today from SpotMeNow is that the funds will arrive in your bank account very quickly. You won’t have to deal with any lengthy paperwork or annoying phone calls – we make it super easy to get your fast approval loan.

    All you need to do is simply prove your eligibility, and we’ll take care of the rest! The money will be transferred into your account within just a few minutes depending on which bank you are with. You can apply from wherever you are in Australia either on your mobile or on a desktop computer/laptop.

No stress, no hassle

    SpotMeNow’s options for fast cash online are negotiables and quite relaxed when compared to other lenders. We don’t think you should be stressed or anxious when it comes to getting short-term finance

Fully compliant, legal lender

    At SpotMeNow, we are responsible lenders, and we are fully compliant with Australian law. Our Australian Credit Licence (450321) is valid and up to date, as required by ASIC. We are totally committed to upholding legislation pertaining to the ethical delivery of short-term finance.

    Because we are a responsible lending institution, we make sure that we perform multiple credit checks to determine your finances and see if you are truly able to pay us back without hardship. This does not mean we will blanket decline everyone without a perfect credit history, but we will assess it as part of all the factors we look at when determining your eligibility for our fast approval loans.

    We know that people can make mistakes with money in the past, and we don’t seek to punish you for something like that.

    Equifax is our current 3rd party information provider when it comes to credit checks.


The SpotMeNow team is committed to making sure that we put customers first in everything we do. We know that you’re seeking a fast loan today and don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to get access to the funds – but we always make sure we do right by you and ensure you can repay comfortably.

We provide options for our customers to apply for financial hardship if and when their circumstances change. We can also help you avoid dishonour fees; all you need to do is call us at least 24 hours before the bill is due and let us know that you will have trouble paying it.

Our commitment as a company is to provide people with a reasonable short-term finance option that gives them a repayment structure that’s fair and make sense for their individual circumstances. We hope that you will choose to engage with us and enjoy the benefit of getting a fast approval loan from SpotMeNow.

Ready to get started?

Applying for any lever of finance is not a simple decision that you can make on a whim. However, that does not mean that applying for fast cash online shouldn’t be needlessly complicated or strenuous.

It’s important to have a series of checks and balances to ensure that people don’t get problematic finance arrangements they can’t afford. On the other hand, it should not be a hassle for you to get fast approval on a loan if you know you are able to afford it and meet the required eligibility criteria.

SpotMeNow encourages you to visit our FAQ page if you have any queries. Alternatively, you can Contact us directly if you have any other questions.

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