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Need online loans in an instant? We can help! We know that short-term finance can be an issue that many people struggle with, and that’s why we’ve structured our service to deliver the quickest turnaround for our customers.

At SpotMeNow, our goal is to provide online loans with instant approval to those who require the funds in their bank account as quickly as possible. We know that time can be a critical factor when it comes to short-term finance, and we don’t think you should have to wait a second longer than necessary to get approved.

How do we do it?

SpotMeNow uses advanced risk-assessment technology to provide the quickest turnaround and deliver online loans with instant approval. This technology is based on a computer algorithm that lets us quickly assess your eligibility for one of our online fast cash loans.

Why assess eligibility?

Because we are an ethical lending organisation, we are committed to complying with laws prohibiting irresponsible lending. This means we are obliged to assess applications for online cash loans to determine that you, our customer, can comfortably make repayments.
Our risk-assessment technology speeds up this process so we can deliver online loans in an instant. We’ve structured our offer to ensure we can responsibly provide short-term finance in the shortest amount of time legally permitted.

Get online fast cash loans in 3 easy steps

SpotMeNow has endeavoured to make getting short-term finance as easy as possible. When you engage with our process, you’ll see how easy it is to get an online loan with instant approval.

Step One: Register

The first step is to simply register for an online cash loan by clicking Apply Now. You’ll be taken to a page that gives you a disclaimer about getting short-term finance that sets out the minimum standards you must fulfil to apply for one of our online loans with instant approval.

It also tells you what items you need to provide during the application process, which are:

  • ID (Medicare card/driver’s licence/passport)
  • Proof of income, such as your latest payslip from work or an invoice if you work for yourself
  • A current bank statement

Step Two: Choose your online cash loan amount

The next stage of your application for short-term finance is to declare what amount you wish to borrow. We deliver online loans with instant approval for any amount ranging from $1000 AUD to $5000 AUD.

We make it easy for you to select the dollar amount you want to borrow by dragging the slider anywhere between $1000 - $5000. As you pull the slider, the loan period and repayment amount will change dynamically to give you an accurate picture of what the terms of your online cash loan will end up looking like.

You will also be prompted to select what you need the money for. For example, you might need it for utility bills, home improvement, or car repairs etc.

Then, you need to answer whether or not you have an unpaid loan default. Also, you need to honestly answer if you know you can repay the online fast cash loan, given your current financial situation.

When you hit ‘Save & Continue’, you will be asked for additional information to confirm your identity and your ability to repay the online loan with instant approval.

Step Three: Receive your money

Once you send off your application for one of our online loans, you’ll get instant approval (or disapproval if you are found to ineligible to borrow). If your application is successful, your money will be sent to your selected bank account within a few hours on any typical business day (times can vary depending on what bank you are with).

Why borrow from SpotMeNow?

There’s no shortage of reasons why SpotMeNow is your ideal choice when you are seeking an online loan with instant approval. When you require short-term finance immediately, we are your best bet for getting the right amount of money as quickly as possible.

Why is SpotMeNow the best for online cash loans?

Fair and easily managed online loans in an instant

    At SpotMeNow, we lead ahead of our competitors because we simplify the process of applying for short-term finance. We’ve built a system that allows anyone to get online loans with instant approval decisions so that they don’t need to wait a single second longer than they have to in order to have the money transferred to their bank account.

    We have made our online fast cash loans as easy for our customers to manage as possible. If you ever forget how far you are in repayments, you can easily view your repayment plan from your member dashboard. We’ve worked hard to make our process for short-term finance as transparent as possible so that you never have to worry about the unknown.

No hidden fees

    The SpotMeNow team is committed to total transparency and honesty as our founding principles. This is why we have no hidden fees or early exit fees (we simply use a standard establishment fee and interest rate for your online cash loan).

    We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been able to give people a stress-free application process that allows them to apply for short-term finance without guilt. We provide totally equitable and fair finance solutions to our customers, with an emphasis on them being as informed as possible.

No refinancing

    One of our principle positions at SpotMeNow is that we do not engage in any kind of refinancing with our customers. If you didn’t know, refinancing is where people replace their debt with different debt, under changed terms.

    We know that refinancing can often cause people to sink into cycles of debt – this is something we strive to prevent with our customers. This is why we outright refuse to engage in refinancing, and that’s why we’ve made sure our application risk-assessment technology is as thorough as it is fast.

    If we cannot be confident that you are going to be able to repay your online loan comfortably, instant approval will be denied. This is done to protect you from getting into an unwise financial arrangement.

The repayment timeline is flexible

    At SpotMeNow, our short-term finance options come with an enhanced level of flexibility in terms of how you can manage the life cycle of your repayment plan. We allow you to easily alter your repayment timeline to what suits your current circumstances better.

Simple, straightforward process

    We don’t seek to make things overly complicated for you, and we’re committed to providing you with a simple and straightforward process. This is why we’ve structured our core offer around providing finance for online loans with an instant approval decision, based on our advanced risk-assessment technology.

Get the money without delay

    SpotMeNow understands that time can be an essential consideration when you are applying for an online cash loan. This is why, via our risk-assessment technology, we deliver the fastest possible decision so that, if cleared, the finance you apply for lands in your bank account quickly.

    Rather than bog you down with lots of phone calls back and forth, or annoying paperwork, we streamline everything so that it’s as stress-free as possible. All you need to do is be prepared with the required evidence to prove your eligibility for an online fast cash loan, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Easily apply with your computer or mobile phone, from anywhere you are in Australia!

Options for financial hardship

    At SpotMeNow, we recognise that financial circumstances can change rapidly and without warning. This is why we have options for our customers to apply for financial hardship and avoid dishonour fees as long as they are quick to inform us about the problems they may be facing regarding a repayment.

Our legal lending status

SpotMeNow holds an Australian Credit License (450321) which is supervised by ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Our company is fully compliant with the 2009 National Consumer Credit Protection Act, which is what governs the legal standards by which we can supply short-term finance to our customers.

Because SpotMeNow is a responsible lender, we undertake thorough credit checks to ensure that our customers are in a good financial position to apply for our online loans with an instant approval decision. With that said, we don’t 100% deny someone just because their credit history isn’t perfect; our risk-assent technology will come to the best possible decision.

We don’t believe that a financial mistake many years ago should disqualify you from getting short-term finance. When it comes to assessing credit information, we partner with Equifax.


Because of our commitment to transparency, we are eager to answer any questions our customers have about applying for online fast cash loans from us. If you have any questions, check to see if they are answered below or look at our full FAQ page.

If I am self-employed, can I get short-term finance from SpotMeNow?

    Of course! We aren’t concerned with the type of employment you undertake, only that it allows you to repay the amount we lend to you comfortably. We just need proof of your income, no matter what you do.

Why do I need to undergo a credit check?

    Because we are a responsible lender, we need to ensure that you don’t have any credit defaults on your account. We don’t provide online cash loans to those who are not in a suitable financial situation to repay the money in the terms available.

What can I do if I am declined?

    If you apply for short term-finance and it is declined, then you need to wait two months before you can apply again. You should only reapply if you are in a better financial situation (for example, if you got a new or better job).

How does financial hardship work?

    You can apply for financial hardship when you demonstrate that you are willing to but, due to unforeseen circumstances, are unable to make repayments on time for your online fast cash loan. For example, if you lose your job suddenly due to environmental factors outside of your control (such as a recession).

After I repay an online cash loan, when can I apply for a new one?

    When you’ve fully paid back the money, you can easily apply for another online loan with instant approval decisions. However, we will still need to assess your finance and determine the legitimate reason you have for applying for more money.

When does the money come into my bank account?

    In the event that your short-term finance is approved during regular business hours, the money will be sent the same day. If the application goes through outside of business hours, the funds will be transferred at the earliest time the following business day.

    Once the money is sent, it is out of our control how fast it appears in your bank account. The time it takes for the funds to appear in your account and be useable by you will largely depend on who you are banking with.

Do you keep my information secure?

    Yes, all of your information is kept secure when you apply for short term-finance from SpotMeNow.

Can I repay the online cash loan early?

    Yes, we make it easy for you to pay back the money early if you wish to. In fact, we will waive the monthly fees if you choose to do this, giving you a large amount of flexibility when borrowing from us.

    All you need to do is send us an email at least 48 hours prior to your next repayment date. At this point, we will happily organise a total debit for you to pay. Simply send your email to

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