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Do you need small cash loans online? Are you finding yourself in more and more short-term debt? If the answer is in the affirmative, then here are several reasons why
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Who Are We?

We are a highly committed and respected provider of short-term finance to customers from a diverse range of financial backgrounds. Indeed, our low interest, small loans are some of the most competitive and affordable in the industry, so if you need small loans online, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do, which is why our customers drive us. Hearing our clients’ financial struggles and being able to provide them with the financial help they need in a manner that is prompt and fair is that something that brings our company a lot of satisfaction and pride. We always do everything we possibly can to ensure that we are consistently meeting our KPIs, exceeding our customer’s expectations and extending our edge over our competitors.

Our primary goal has and always will be to become the most widely recognised and respected money-lending firm in Australia. We believe that we can achieve this by continually integrating the latest technologies and credit products into our range of small, fast cash loans. With our services, you always receive transparency – so no hidden fees!

How Do We Assess Eligibility?

For us, eligibility is critical, in the sense that we do not want to be providing a small personal loan to someone who will be unable to pay it back. This is because offering them small cash loans will only add to their debt and further degrade their financial outlook. As a result, we have a rigorous eligibility assessment process.

There are three critical steps you must pass to be eligible for one of our small same day loans. These are as follows:

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must provide an income statement (like pay summaries, invoices or your most recent tax return) to prove that you receive a regular income and have the capacity to repay the debt
  • You must be an Australian resident

Indeed, this is why a lot of people are switching to us as their provider of finance. Our approval process is very competitive, so you’ll receive a notification regarding the outcome of your application within 1-2 business days. Once your application has been formally approved, then you will receive your small loans fast, and without delay!

Top Benefits of Choosing Us for Small Loans Online

So, there are many excellent reasons why we should be your number one choice when it comes to short-term finance. If you have severe liquidity problems and are in desperate need of short-term money to keep your business or personal endeavours afloat, then you want the best of the best. We’ve already run through why we’re one of the most competitive approvers of financial applications; however, here are just a few of the many other reasons why we are the best of the best.

A fantastic range of small, fast cash loans

    When you’re looking for small loans fast, it’s natural to want a bit of flexibility in terms of choosing the terms of your loan. You can receive up to $5000 at one time and as little as $1000. On our home page, there is an interactive tool that allows you to specify how much you might want exactly. Drag the cursor across the bar, and this tool will outline exactly how much you will be expected to pay each week, fortnight or month (depending on your pay schedule).

    As a point of comparison, we list our three most common low-interest small loans, which are $1000, $2500 and $5000, as a way of identifying any of the differences between the three. The monthly fee is marginally higher with our $1000 options (3.75%), compared to 2.99% for our $2500 and $5000 alternatives.

A streamlined application process

    If you want to apply for one of our small loans online, then you’ll pleasantly surprised to know that the entire process is very straightforward and easy to navigate. Firstly, make sure you register via our website, so you’re on our database. Our registration form is simple to understand and fill out and ensures that you can become one of our members instantly.

    Secondly, make us an offer! Outline how much you want in your small personal loan, and we’ll see what we can do. We strongly recommend that you provide us with specific details as to why you need finance, whether it is professional or private. Finally, once you have finished your application, formally send it through to us, and we’ll approve it as quickly as we can. Depending on your which bank you have nominated, you could receive your finance within 24 hours!

We are against refinancing

    One of the reasons why we ask our clients to explain what they need the money for is so we can pinpoint examples of refinancing. Basically, refinancing is a contentious process where an individual will finance an existing debt with another debt from another provider, generally using low-interest small loans. We do not support this activity, since it is often correlated with worsening economic conditions and encouraging people to get themselves into deeper debt holes/traps.

No unforeseen costs

    We mentioned this a little earlier; however, it’s certainly worth repeating since it’s such a critical consideration for a lot of customers. We will not charge you early exit fees, which is something that gives our firm a competitive edge. At SpotMeNow, we ensure that we do not compromise the financial circumstances of our clients, since the last thing that we want to do is to lose the trust of our clients. When you work with us, there will never be any random, hidden costs attached to our small same day loans. Make sure you verify with our website for further clarification.

Repayment scheduled locked in? Not at all

    We mentioned earlier how our flexibility is second to none, and this factor is a testament to that. Indeed, we encourage our clients to alter their repayment schedules if their financial situation changes significantly. For example, if you can repay your small cash loans at an earlier date, then we encourage you to do (just make sure you provide formal correspondence to let us know that you are doing this).

    On the other hand, we also provide “financial hardships” options for clients who suddenly fall upon hard times and are unable to repay their debt as per the original schedule. In this case, navigate to your account using our web browser, choose the “financial hardship” option and let us know what has happened and why you need your schedule to change. We’ll coordinate a plan where your repayments are decreased and lengthened over a more extended period.

Instant finance

    Likewise, our small same day loans are called that for a reason – you’ll receive your money within 24 hours. This is because we recognise that a lot of customers in desperate need of short-term finance can’t afford to be waiting around weeks and weeks. Fortunately, we have the power to alleviate any financial stress or anxiety you might be experiencing and provide you with the necessary finance to minimise your struggles in the short-term and improve your long-term position.

Commitment to compliance

    Furthermore, our commitment to legal compliance is essential to our success in providing small loans to our valued clients. Firstly, we possess what is known as an Australian Credit License, which is approved by ASIC – the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. At the same time, we always adhere to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009), which was introduced primarily in response to the global financial crisis of 2007/08. The GFC raised a lot of ethical questions about responsible lending, and the need for more vigorous credit checks on clients who were signing up for mortgages and other financial instruments that they were never going to be able to repay.

    As a result, the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009) is arguably the most crucial piece of legislation that we follow in terms of our conduct with clients. As a highly responsible lender, we will perform several credit checks on your finances. Having said this, if your credit history is poor, this doesn’t necessarily preclude you from receiving one of our small cash loans online. Indeed, we endeavour to take in the whole picture and assess your more recent financial history when making these decisions. We believe that no one should be punished for a poor decision they made many years ago, especially if its ongoing influence on your finances is negligible.


We understand that this area of finance can be quite confusing and unclear, so we hope that by answering some of the most common questions we receive will help clarify any issues you might have. Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from both new and continuing customers about our small cash loans online:

Can I apply outside of business hours?

    Yes, you can apply for one of our small instant loans outside of business hours. This includes evenings and even weekends. However, if your application is approved outside of business hours, then you won’t receive the money until the next available business day.

My application has been declined. When can I next apply?

    If we, unfortunately, declined your application, then you will need to wait 2 months before you can apply again. However, we recommend that you get in touch with us to discuss the specific reasons why your application was denied. This way, you can seek to make necessary changes to your finances and hopefully be approved on your next attempt for a small personal loan.

How much is the dishonour fee?

    The dishonour fee is what you will be charged when you miss a repayment for your small loans online. This fee is $10 per missed payment; however, if you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of missing the payment, we will waive the dishonour fee. Indeed, this is why is it critical that you plan your finances accordingly and have reminders to prompt you when charges are coming through (thereby ensuring there is sufficient money in your account). If there is not enough money in your account, then you will receive a dishonour fee from us, and, depending on your bank’s policy, a dishonour fee from them as well. Make sure you plan ahead!

Are my membership details and financial information secure?

    Yes – security is something that we take very seriously, which is we have the same standards of security that are used by the major banks in Australia. As a result, you can rest assured that your personal information and small same day loans will always remain private and secure. In addition, all transactions on our website are both encrypted and secured using the latest 256-bit SSL (secure socket layer) technology.

    Put simply, none of your data will be accessible by anyone else. Our data servers are also housed in the Alibaba Cloud, which is one of the most reliable cloud computing environments available. Their facilities are equipped with some of the best surveillance in the world, including electronic management and round-the-clock supervision from trained security professionals.

What should I do to protect my data?

    There’s only so much we can do on our end, so we also recommend you doing your part to maintain the security of your information. For example, make sure your password is unique and memorable, while also ensuring that no one else that you know has access to it. We recommend that you use a combination of numbers and letters (lowercase and uppercase) since this will further protect your financial information. While small instant loans will never be compromised on our end, it is always good practice to protect your data on your end as well.

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